Tuesday, 24 January 2012

YSL Forever Youth Liberator range

This week Yves Saint Laurent are launching their Forever Youth Liberator range, which uses science to ‘trick’ the skin into regenerating by artificially boosting levels of glycans, complex sugars that play a crucial role in the structure of healthy skin.

Experts in ‘glycomics’ or glycobiology – the study of glycans – say they are vital to maintaining the body’s systems but decline in old age, with the skin particularly effected. To develop the new range, YSL parent company L’Oreal enlisted the help of chemist Professor Peter Seeberger, of the Max Planck Institute. In two years of research he found that glycans have a role to play in almost every aspect of what skin looks like and also discovered the number of glycans in our skin diminishes with age, meaning cells no longer receive the messages they need to maintain youthful-looking skin. The team realised that by artificially raising the levels of glycans in older skin, you could trick it into behaving like younger skin. In tests on 118 women, 68% said their skin looked more luminous, 80% said wrinkles were less visible, while 72% said skin was more plumped.

YSL beauty counters in the UK alone have already taken over 5,000 pre-orders! Can't wait to try this out! Anything for staying younger!

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