Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Early Goose catches the worm! Menupages deals....

If you haven't already guessed.... I'm a big fan of the deals sites. So to my delight I recently discovered that Menupages (my beloved restaurant go to guide website) has started their own offers. Little did I realise how popular they were till I made a couple of attempts later in the afternoon after receiving the email only to find out they were sold out! Finally I got in there early and purchased the deal for The Wild Goose Ranelagh. The offer was €25 for 2 x 3 course lunches on a Sunday.

So last Sunday myself and my lovely other half decided to book in. After reading the small print I realised that lunch covered up to 8pm so we ended up having an early dinner. 

On arrival the restaurant was buzzing. A few minutes later we were seated. The menu had loads of choice and we both had a bit of a struggle deciding what to go for.... it all sounded so good.

Well I'm pleased to report that it was every bit as delish as I thought. My partner had a steak to die for, I had the most gorgeous chicken breast and for dessert I had the most delicious Brest with ice cream (for those like me who weren't sure what this was - the best way to describe it is pastry with custard and ice cream).

Now unfortunately for those of you reading this, the offer is now over. But the good news to is that they have another great offer of 2 course (The Early Goose special) all night Tuesday and Wednesday for €19.95. I can't wait for my next trip there! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Amazing teeth whitener!

I first discovered these on a trip to the States to see family. I was doing my usual potter through the CVS shop aisles to see what's new and came across these wonderful things! In the past I had tried the Crest Whitening strips, the whitening toothpastes etc but found the strips messy to use and both methods made my teeth overly sensitive.

The Aquafresh whitening system has with little trays that fit on to your teeth quite comfortably. There are one's for the top and one's for the bottom teeth. There's a little bit of work to be done at first to spread out the solution around your teeth (I was careful though not to get this on my gums). You keep them in for about 35 minutes (perfect while you get a bit of 'me' time with your favourite book). I didn't use them every day, rather every third day to avoid sensitivity and I only needed to use them five times before there was a really noticeable difference! I even went in to my dentist for a check up and both he and the nurse said wow when they saw my teeth.

So, if you can't afford the fancy whitening systems your dentist offers and you fancy a little bit of diy then these are for you! I'm not quite sure if you can get them yet in Ireland but if you go online I found them on a number of websites that deliver to Ireland. You'll usually get them for somewhere between €25 - €40 with delivery.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Comfort food - Blueberry Yoghurt Bake

I found this gorgeous and simple recipe on one of my favourite foodie blogger sites! The wonderful Dorcas Barry is all about the healthy yet very tasty foods. This is such a wonderful winter warmer dessert plus you get the feel good factor with the berries!

250-350g blueberries (frozen is fine)
225g natural yoghurt (substitute goats/sheeps if desired)
2 organic eggs
2-3 fresh dates, chopped finely
2 tbsp. honey or agave syrup
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 heaped tbsp. of potato starch or cornflour

Preheat the oven to 180Âșc.
Place the blueberries in an oven-proof dish. Beat together the yoghurt, eggs, chopped dates, honey, vanilla extract and potato starch. Pour over the blueberries and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until the mixture has set and is lightly browned. Serve immediately.

Lust after item of the week - The LK Bennett 'Anna' Handbag

This gorgeous new LK Bennett handbag is my lust after item of the week! This is a favourite of the gorgeous Middleton sisters! It comes in loads of different shades (a gorgeous baby pink, this lovely soft brown and a fabulously blingy gold amongst many other colours). It's a really handy size - perfect for your makeup bag, bits etc but not so big that you'll lose everything in it! It's currently on sale in Dundrum town centre... well worth checking out!  

The Great Rail Sale

I only just discovered The Great Rail Sale through some of my fellow bloggers. It's the 'it' event where smart fashionistas can snap up barely-worn, prized pieces from the wardrobes of over 80 fashion savvy gals. From designer and high street to vintage and boutique, whatever you are looking to buy you will find it on the rails here.
The next event is this Sunday 25th September in the Goldsmith’s Hall in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin city centre. They don't charge for entrance and it's open to any of the public. Opening hours are 11am – 6pm. Make sure to hit the ATM before you go as this is a cash only event!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vacuum Therapy

I’m a keen user of deals sites at the moment (recession and all!) so when I saw the offer for Vaccuum Therapy in Body Elements in The Beacon South Quarter I jumped at the chance to get it.
So what is Vacuum Therapy I hear you ask? According to the Body Elements site it is:
“a non-invasive scientifically researched treatment, certified by Quality Standards like CE and FDA.  It offers an effective solution to fight cellulite in all its stages, reduces localised fat and reshapes the body.”
I was really nervous the first time I went as I had no idea what to expect! I’d seen Kim Kardashian do something similar on her programme but wasn’t really sure what it would feel like or what the results might be.
The easiest way to describe the feeling was literally like being suctioned by a very powerful vacuum. There were a few moments where it felt a little strong but the girls who do it are lovely and turn it up and down as you require.
In total I completed four sessions with my vouchers.
Would I recommend it? If you’re looking for reducing cellulite and improving the texture of the skin then yes definitely, but if you’re looking for serious weight loss results then maybe not.
However I was very impressed with the amounts of services and classes the Body Elements did provide so if I had a bit more time on my hands then I would definitely go back and maybe look into some of their exercise programmes and classes.

Magnetic Nail Polish

Like any girl I have a love of two things – nail polishes and trends.
Check out these new limited edition nail polishes from Nails inc. If you want to embrace the metallic’s trend of the season but maybe prefer a more subtle approach then these are for you!

Simply paint the polish on your nail and then immediately hold the magnetic cap very close over your nail but make sure not to touch the wet paint. A gorgeous metallic effect should appear!

The Big Apple

My first ever blog entry has to be about my favourite city in the world! New York.

I have spent a lot of time in this wonderful vibrant city and every trip has been totally different to the one before. It seems I discover new things to do or see with every visit. I wanted to share some of the great tips I’ve picked up over the years, so here goes!

Where to eat
My favourite area to eat in is the Meatpacking district. Here there is an abundance of trendy restaurants, "beautiful people" and divine food! Some of my favourites here include Fig & Olive and STK.
For the best Thai food ever I would recommend Tao. This is by far my no.1 restaurant in New York. It’s buzzy, full of fun and gorgeous people, lots of crowd watching to be done and the cocktails are to die for!
Little Italy is nice too if you want a more traditional Italian meal. It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re here as to which one to pick – my suggestions is go with the busiest, that’s usually a good sign!

Where to go for cocktails
Anywhere in the Meatpacking district is usually the place to be! Try the Standard hotel or Gansevoort for some amazing cocktails and celeb schmoozing.
If revolving bars are your thing then it’s worth checking out The View in the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. It’s the kind of place that’s good for one drink but a little pricey for any more. You’re really paying for the experience and view but in my opinion it’s worth it for a once off!

Where to stay
For those on a budget then who just want a place to rest their heads after a long day of shopping then The Edison near Time Square is your place.

If you’re looking for somewhere mid range with great locations then look no further than Distrikt hotel or Fashion 26. If you visit the latter make sure to keep an eye out in the morning for their free mini Oreo cupcakes. It’s worth staying in this hotel for them alone!

If you have a little more to spend then I recommend looking at hotels such as the W in Time Square, The New York Palace (you’ll recognise this fab hotel from Gossip Girl if you’re a fan!) or the Thompson LES if you want something very trendy with the benefit of a rooftop pool.

What to do
One of the best tips my friend gave me was instead of spending the time queuing to go up the Empire State Building go up the Rockefeller building instead. You get equally great views at less cost and time. If you’re in New York around Christmas time aswell this whole area is quite magical with all the lights, music and the ice skating rink.
If the weather is good then I highly recommend taking the boats out on the lake in Central Park. Such a lovely thing to do for the afternoon and the views are amazing.
If you’re not too fearful of heights then getting one of the helicopter rides can be a lovely way to sightsee some of the city. There’s no need to splash out on the much longer and more expensive journeys - the very brief one’s are great too as after a short while you’ll feel like you’ve seen it all anyway!

Where to shop
The best department store has to be Saks 5th Avenue. This whole area around there is great for the more mainstream well known high end shops.
I tend to avoid the crowds of 34th street and venture into Soho (Spring St area) instead where you have all the well know high street shops but also some additional trendy boutiques. The neighbourhood itself is more interesting than 34th and is lovely for walking around and soaking up true New York atmosphere.
If you’re looking for Abercrombie then my recommendation is to skip the queues of the 5th Avenue Store and head down to South Street Seaport. You’re very near the old Twin Towers location here so you could tie it in with that on your visit. It’s a much quieter store and the area itself is nice for a walk around if the weather is good.
In terms of the outlets unless you’re looking for runners and t-shirts then I would suggest to avoid these. If you’re planning a longer visit with more time to spare then it might be worth the journey.

Phew! That's all for now but keep an eye out for new trip details and tips from my next vacays!